Have Typical Schools Changed Much from 1947?

Documents to Review

Education crosswalk with Deming's 14 points
Managing Complex Change Framework
Research on Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Websites to Review

Must Read Article-Van Meter is the Future of Education! Star Tribune Article on the Future of Education
Van Meter Google Site
1 to 1 schools wiki
1:1 Presentation at SAI
1 to 1 Blog
Iowa 1 to 1 network
Sandra Dop's Blog
Speed of Creativity- Wes Fryer Blog about Van Meter
Another Wes Fryer Post
More info from Wes
findingDulcinea's Educators That Rock-Shannon McClintock Miller
Malcom Bellamy Blogging about our Librarian-Shannon Miller's Blog
Malcom Bellamy Blogging again about Van Meter
Angela Maiers Blog about VM
Scott McLeod's Post about VM
Check out page 7 from Scott McLeod
Shelly Terrell's Blog about VM
ERT Post by Patrick Larkin
Bill Brannick Post About His Visit to Van Meter

MUSCATINE, IOWA Middle Schools adding to the discussion. Not a 1:1 but piloting netbooks.

At Central and West Middle Schools in Muscatine, Iowa, four social studies/language arts classrooms are piloting netbooks for technology & literacy integration. At Central Middle School, the netbooks are shared between two classrooms on a regular ongoing basis.
All the software used in Miss Burger's Room 222 is web based for “anywhere, anytime” teacher and student access.
Netbook pilot site for logging netbook activity and for teacher collaboration:
Diigo for sharing resources:
Moodle Learning Management system hosted by Sqooltools
Used to deliver lessons, activities, and communication between teacher and students. Password protected:

Student Examples:

I think the best way to illustrate the impact of integrating technology and information literacy is to let the students speak for themselves through their work.
Some examples of my students' learning projects can be found on my classroom website here: http://missburger.weebly.com
Student sample page: http://missburger.weebly.com/student-learning-samples.html