Van Meter Community School Students Work!

Michael K.'s YouTube Channel Michael is a 7th grader at Van Meter.
Maddy D.'siMovie about her connection with author, Amy Efaw . She is a 7th grader.
Bailey M. and the Van Meter NHS Chapter Teams Up with Great Strides Globally! Great Strides Movie and VM Great Strides Event!
Emma D's Blog called We Talk! Emma is a 5th Grader at Van Meter. She created this blog with Mrs. Miller for the 5th graders book talks.
Josh P.'s iMovie he entered in a Facebook contest....What Technology Means to Me! Josh is a junior at Van Meter.
Holly B.'s and the Van Meter Virtual Room News! Holly is a 10th grader at Van Meter.
Marcus B. from C.E.W.L.(Computer Efficiency Workers League-our student tech team) ! Marcus is a 11th grader.
Sarah K. and Morgan J.'s YouTube Channel Starplow Sarah and Morgan are 8th graders. Check out their project for The GIver
Check out what students in three schools are doing with Mrs. Wigant's Spanish Classes !

Muscatine, Iowa Middle Schools Student Examples:

I think the best way to illustrate the impact of integrating technology and information literacy is to let the students speak for themselves through their work.
Some examples of my students’ learning projects can be found on my classroom website here:
Student sample page: